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teapirate's one direction fic
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emma watson // teenvogue
So I've finally made a fic comm! Woo! 

about me
(niall's just really happy about the fic comm guys)

I've re-posted all my old 1D fic to this community. It's members-only to read the fic, but all you have to do is join and you're in. No more commenting to be adding because that was a /pain/. All I ask is that you're respectful of the fourth wall (in other words, please please please don't ever link any of my fic (or anyone else's fic tbh) to any of the boys, or their friends or family members). 

Thanks, y'all, happy reading!

24th-Nov-2012 02:04 am - fic masterlist [masterlist]
emma watson // teenvogue
+ three days underwater part one  part two  part thre } or read on ao3
Harry/Louis, NC-17, 10,000 words. AU based on the fil Weekend dir. Andrew Haigh.
Harry, a lifeguard, meets Louis, an artist, expecting just another one night stand. Instead, they get something special and resonant, if only for the weekend. (Warnings: barebacking, facials, drug use, including shotgunning, & mentions of cheating and bullying)

+ louis lucas masterpost  or read on ao3
Harry/Louis (side pairings: Louis/OMC(s), Harry/OFC(s), Liam/Zayn, Niall/OFC), NC-17, 70,000 words. Pornstar!AU. Louis is a pornstar with more issues than he can drink away. Harry is a bisexual singer/songwriter who is desperate to be signed to a major label. Zayn and Liam are louis's long-suffering best friends (who also happen to be pornstars, and also happen to be dating each other). Niall just wants to play his guitar. Posted in five "episodes" each consisting of four parts. (Warnings: mature themes, sexual content, homophobia, plus additional warnings included with each episode.)

+ wicked game part one  part two  or read on ao3
Harry/Louis (mentions of Louis/OFC, Harry/OFC(s), Harry/OMC(s), past Louis/Zayn), NC-17, 7,000 words. Harry is a prostitute. Louis is fucked-up and closeted. AU loosely based on th song quot;Wicked Games" by the Weeknd. (Warnings: prostitution, infidelity, self-destructive behavior related to dealing with homosexuality in a harmful way, drug use, alcohol, pain!kink, elements of d/s.

+ glass table boys part one  part two  or read on ao3
Harry/Louis/Zayn, NC-17, 6,800 words. Louis is a go-go dancer at a gay bar. Zayn is a DJ, and Louis's roommate. Harry is a hot stranger. Naturally, a threesome ensues. Guess starring Nick Grimshaw as a sassy bartender. (Warnings: spitroasting, threesomes, overstimulation, coming without being touched, restraint play.)

+ monsters at home { part one | part two | part three part four or read on ao3
Harry/Louis, NC-17, 22,000 words. High School!AU. Everyone's eyes are on Harry, the beautiful, charming new student. Harry's only got eyes for the school golden boy: football captain Louis Tomlinson, whose homophobic father complicates matters a bit. (Warnings: homophobia, verbal/psychological child abuse, outing, non-explicit violence, some rough sex, overstimulation).
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